The word ‘Automation’ is derived from greek words “Auto”(self) and “Matos” (moving). Automation therefore is the mechanism for systems that “move by itself”. However, apart from this original sense of the word, automated systems also achieve significantly superior performance than what is possible with manual systems, in terms of power, precision and speed of operation. Automation is a set of technologies that results in operation of machines and systems without significant human intervention and achieves performance superior to manual operation.

HyMech dedicated to industrial automation and information, makes our customers more productive and more sustainable. HyMech will provide high quality Automation Systems, automated manufacturing and material handling solutions for a variety of industries, but we specialize in, Oil and Gas, Semiconductor, photovoltaic, aerospace, automotive and pipe applications. our Pneumatic and Hydraulic teams enable to provide the best solutions for pneumatic and mechanical assemblies, robotics, control products and related mechanical systems, as well as data acquisition and data management systems.